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Thilo Hilpert
Town in Mind – Urban design as Visionary Urbanism

»Town in Mind« is the seventh book by urban planner and architectural theorist Thilo Hilpert. He is a leading authority on urban development, from the modern architecture of Le Corbusier and Bruno Taut to the latest trends of globalization. Hilpert has worked as an urban planner and college lecturer in Europe, the Middle East and the US.

The author has collaborated with young architects to produce a number of projects designed as fantastic visions of our urban future. He argues that if we are to move forward, we need ideas for the future and concepts that serve as a basis for discussion.

The relevancy of these projects is reflected in our crumbling inner cities, which are losing their service function, and sprawling monotonous suburbs with no prospects for the future. »Town in Mind« presents designs and models for lively and communicative spaces that are suitable for a wide range of uses.

These ideas were inspired by the great utopias of the modern age that had a significant impact on architecture right up to the 1970s – Brasilia, undersea cities, space cities …

The projects are arranged according to their degree of abstraction, ranging from utopian scenarios to concrete redesigns. At the same time, all concepts are graphically presented as spatial designs, creating an exciting collection of images that stir the imagination. The preface was written by prominent French architect and philosopher Paul Virilio.

Only 800 copies will be printed.

english/german, 272 p., ca. 220 ill., 29,7 x 21,0 cm
ISBN 3-935053-08-8
Euro 34,00